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Who are you?
Shopping-diva was set up in year 2004 Nov catering to teenagers / young working ladies who want to follow the trend yet do not want to spend a bomb on clothes and skincare items and lenses! :) We have been on the online scene for more than 3 years. All our items are priced to their lowest and very near to wholesale prices and we ensure you that if there are any defaults, we will try our best to exchange /do a refund for u. We do hope to make friends with all of you!! :) we love all our customers and hope tt every transaction is a happy one!

add us on friendster/email at shoppin_diva12@yahoo.com.sg.


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General overview
First, you either email or bid to confirm ur orders. we will then send u a payment email to ask u for ur 10 deposit per item. When received, we will make orders and auctions will close after a specified date. Arrival of goods will take around 2 to 3 weeks after auction closes. when goods arrive, another payment email will be sent and once payment received(remaining payment), item will be mailed out to u promptly..

How do i take part?
It is very easy..:)
JUST EMAIL ME UR ORDERS at shoppin_diva12@yahoo.com.sg ! it is that easy! :)

FULL payment to be transferred to either our Posb Acc/ Uob campus acc. A payment email will be sent to u once you bid. Pls pay asap once u bid for us to order with supplier on ur stock in case of out of stock situation . For lenses , full payment if required.

Note that for customers who used normal mail to mail us the money, we will not take responsibility if your mail is lost. :)
please use registered mail instead!

What if i can onli pay after the deadline given for the payment?
sorry.. but we cannot wait as other buyers are waiting along with us too..:) once deadline for preorder deposits is up.. it is realli up..

what if something happens to my stock??
No worries.. when tt happens.. we will refund u the money!! :)
touch wood!

if there are any refunds to be done, it will be completed latest in 1 week time . Please kindly dun rush me in refunding cos i definitely will refund but in 1 week time. :)

will you run away with my hard earned $$?
We are very reliable and have been here for 3 years so no worries about getting cheated or us running away with your money. We are more worried that OTHERS will cheat your money though :) many spree-ers do know my handphone , address and my FACE! :)

We have set up a scammer page for spree-ers to make sure online shopping is SAFE for everyone!

Read about latest news on scammers :)

How long do i have to wait??zzz..
Every preorder will take 2 weeks for it to run.After 2 weeks, the preorders will close and we will consolidate orders in which we will send it out to the supplier. All these take time. Preorders normally takes 3 to 4 weeks to reach after closure of preorder. During this period, we will email you regularly to update you on our preorder updates!

pls note if you cannot stand the long waiting time, please kindly do not take part~ this is cos we have done all your best in hastening the preorder and the long waiting time is dependant on supplier.. thus we do not wish to see our customers unhappy over the long waiting time caused by supplier in which we cannot do anyting at all~

Discounts pls!!!!!!
please note that we are doing a spree here. Please DO not bargain or join if uncomfortable.

wad do i do when items reach??
I will directly send your items out after informing items have reached in one day or two :) please dun keep rushing me cos i only have 2 hands! :P

Pls do opt for reg although it is 2.24 dollars more exp. We do hope the mail reaches you safely..:) we hope to state here tt we do not take responsibility for lost mail.

Reg mail Onli available twice a week. I will inform the spree-ers when i head down to the post office.

Normal Mail: one to 2 days after payment is made

Pls note that if ur mail get lost during normal mail, we will not be responsible for it. but we can help you check and try to track back. however if it fails, we will NOT do a refund for you. If tracking back is impossible, we will not take responsibility for the lost item.

With regards to payment
We require all customers to list down time, date and reference number of the transaction. However, if customers do not follow the items required, if payment is not found, the payment will not be recognised by us. Thus, please kindly do give us time date and ref no / Ib nick when you transfer. Furthermore, if customers transfer wrongly to the wrong account, please note that we will be unable to do a refund for you and you will have to settle the mistake in transfer with the bank owner.

Meet ups??
Meetups are currently based on demands and spree ( such as items heavy--> meetups open). However meetup venues are fixed to be amk mrt on weekends and self collection at bukit panjang plaza area. Note that not all sprees have meetups and meetups IS NOT private meetup .. it is MASS meetup.

Please DO NOT opt for meetup if u are not sincere about turning up or you cannot make it for the meetup. Note that ALL items for meetup have to be cleared in 2 weeks if not consficated and if you cannot make it for any meetup slots, it will be strictly BY postage.

Note that the mass meetup is to my own convenience. Please do not request for me to private meetup at your place because do understand that I have too many spree-ers' requests to adhere to.

Regarding Self collection
Note that all items have to be collected within 2 weeks after arrival if not consficated. self collection can be done ONLY at my place just besides bukit panjang plaza on weekdays after 7.30pm. No other timing /places is available. My mother will be the one passing the items to the spree-ers so don't look for me. Either i am too shy:P /not at home.

Normal mail Postage charges/reg
Based on weight.

reg is $2.24 on top of normal mail.. for example u order 1 top .. it will be 1.20 for normal and 3.20 for reg.. and not 1 for normal and 2 for reg.. yup.. :)

Lost Normal mail/ SPOILT items via post is 100% unrefundable/exchangable. All items are checked before sending out. We seek all spree-ers' understanding on this matter and strongly 100% encourage registered mail.

Wad to do if i wan to cancel my orders when i already placed my deposits?
Sorry, but payment will be consficated. And we do not allow cancellations of any sorts for any kinds of reasons.:) we do hope you honour your bid. Thanks!

colour diff???
Measurement/Color may be abit different from what stated in auction when see in real life
please make sure you agree with this stated as we will not accept any unreasonable comments after that.

Real colour of auctions are normally darker or duller than picture as they use bright lighting when taking the pictures.

how esle can i contact you?
i have no qualms abt releasing my number..:) however it shall be to buyers i trust.

for any queries.. pls email me at shoppin_diva12@yahoo.com.sg.. you can be sure i will reply to all of ur questions.. however if i dun reply u.. it might very well mean tt i did not receive it.. pls email me again then..:) thanks!

Pls make sure you check the codes correctly before u order. As shopping diva will not be responsible for the mistake. Refunds can only be done if

1) damages to the clothes- this is very unlikely as we check our items PLUS we wrap the item up in plastic before sending it out
2) items 100% do not look like pic- yes is 100%, not 50%.
Refunds can only be processed if items are sent back to us within a week if not no refunds. Items must be brand new with plastic intact. If item get lost in mail, we will not be responsible thus customers are encouraged to sign on reg mail when sending it back to us. Mailing charges will not be subsidised..

Exchanges will be done
1)only if we send the wrong item to you.

All other exceptions will not be considered.

What if i only want collect more than 3 weeks later after item has arrived?
If you have spoken to us, we will allow the delay in collection. However buyers who goes missing and comes back after 3 weeks and above, your item and PAYMENT will be consficated.

Please do not leave us a bad rating claiming that we are unable to wait for you because you went missing for 1 month despite many emails to ask you to collect. Thus, we really hope customers can understand this point.

new rules
Yes.. from Aug preorders onwards, we will be collecting the contact numbers of our buyers as we have too many dead buyers..:) On one hand, we can inform those buyers who do not use com very often on updates of the preorders.. And do not worry tt we will use the contacts to harrass you..:)

All spree-ers who join my spree will be deemed to have read the terms and conditions and all of the terms and conditions will be binding to every spree-er that joins indirectly /directly for my spree.

Some Points to note
1) Please do check your junk mail for any updates. Spree will definitely take 1 to 4 weeks to arrive , so please be patient dears!

As many spree-ers have my hp no, please please please DO not use my number to enquire on spree updates or inform me of anything. Please strictly go by email.

Reasons is because

1)i 100% don't keep any spree-ers' numbers,so i will be wondering who the sender is. And it gets really frustrating when 100 spree-ers message me on updates and stuff and i will be replying 100 times " you are? " .

2)i really hate to sms. It gets on my nerves when i have to type out the update on the sms so please dears, dun torture me further! READ emails please :) i swear i will reply to anything on the email!

3) i do have my own commitments so i will not be able to reply 24 hours a day on hp. Email me and i will definitely reply you at night!i swear! :)

Unless you really have a very very important news that cannot wait or you are arranging a meetup with me, you can sms me but please state your email when messaging.

Disclaimer :
we will not take any responsibility for the products or aftermath. On our part, we will ensure that all products are brand new, authentic and fresh.

Note that if you are uncomfortable with any terms or conditions, please do not join. We do not welcome spree-ers who are unreasonable in their demands. As much as we wish spree-ing to be a pleasant one , we do encounter spree-ers who are highly unreasonable and very demanding. However, most of the spree-ers we have met have been really nice and sweet and understanding! We strive to provide a happy shopping experience and the best customer service that we can attain.

PS : We will like to make our stand with regard to christel case and voice our side of the story because based on christel rating of "100% unreliable and irresponsible" is highly unfair to us.

Regarding her case, we have already tried our best to help her, giving her options to either exchange for a bigger size if not something else if not resell on our blog. However, christel has rejected it and has demanded for a refund which we stated VERY clearly everywhere in our T&C that we dun entertain refunds. furthermore, the top was of free size with no TAGS attached to indicate a S size and on our spree site we stated it was a free size that fits S to M but it was demanded by christel that it was of S size because she cannot fit in.

In order to make this a more pleasant experience, i tried negotiating with the supplier for a refund but christel refused to give us more time and flatly demanded for a refund by a given super tight deadline. Given such circumstances, we cannot comply to her requests because the deadline was too tight and there wasn't any room for negotiation given by christel. Other than that, we have provided her maximum service by providing timely updates and speedy send out. Up to now, we maintain our stand and believes that we have tried our best and and still welcome her to put her item on resale on our blog( ONLY IF NEW) despite the unhappy experience.

Please note that we have all rights to reject orders if we feel uncomfortable with you.

All unreasonable spree-ers will be ignored :) pls do make this spreeing process a enjoyable one dears!

Thanks for shopping with us!!! :)
Be a shopping-diva with us!
With love,

<3 2:26 AM;


Diva Speaks! :)

A Undergrad doing small sprees! :)

pls note that ALL images AND context are COPYRIGHTS of shopping-diva. PLS do not copy and use it for your own website. PLS ask me first or i will BITE

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intro! :)
For new buyers
We onli accept bank transfer and concealed cash at ur own risk! We do not do meetups
EMail: shoppin_diva12@yahoo. com.sg for any enquires
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