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Due to overwhelming response, G&G lens preorder is REOPENED AGAIN to APR 14th.This is cos this might be the last time i am holding this spree thus if u do wan to buy or restock.. pls do not hesitate!

Please read terms and conditions first before purchasing. Once purchased, terms and conditions will apply regardless whether you read or not.

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Yor have been craving for the beautiful eyes of the korean stars?? crave no more! introducing the secret to beautiful eyes!! :) G&G contact lens. this contact lens allows one eyes to become bigger and at the same time.. make ur eyes look more bright and fresher. i simply love this lenses.
Lenses are authenic as proven by supplier who shipped them from korea. Cheapest around! get urs now!

i have gotten 4 batches of G&G lenses and they are authenic! shipped from korean factory!

Some real life models using G&G
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Personal experience
i have been using this lenses for almost one and a half year and i love this lenses as it is reali affordable and i don't even need to change lenses every month. It has the big eye effect Plus it is coloured!! :) i can wear up the whole day without feeling any discomfort. :)

what is so special about the lenses?
1)the lenses are coloured + they have the effect of making ur pupil larger.
2) the colour is made using a sandwiched technology thus the colour will not run on your eyes. sandwich technology will mean that the colour is sandwiched in between the lenses, thus the thing touching your eyeballs will not be the colour but the outer layer of the lenses. This will means that the colour will not affect your eyes as we have heard reports of coloured lenses running colours on ones' eyes.
here is a illustration of what i mean:
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3) it is 100% safe for use and many celebrities are using this brand :)
4) one pair of lenses can last you for one year for proper care. This means SAVE TONS OF MONEY!!
5) the price of 39 is definitely the cheapest around. :) check your yahoo auctions and u will noe!

Terms and conditions
1) Pls do not ask for discounts. I have already priced it my lowest. :)
2) FULL payment have to be made.
final deadline for deposit : apr 14th :)

Pls note that
water content of lenses- 35% to 42%
diameter- 14mm(this is much bigger than those advertised ACUVUE big eye lenses , thus this will realli make ur eyes look MUCH bigger! )
Curve of lenses-8.5
degree scope:
for degree lower than 500, can add up to 25(eg: 4.5, 4.75). for degree above 500, pls add onli 50 Eg: 5.5, 6, 6.5
Certification: FDA, CE, ISO, KGMP, MHLW

Usage is 1 year ( provided with throughout cleansing which is very important!! please wash carefully with protein tablets )

Code no 20 to 22 out of stock
Supplier guarantee authencity as she imported all those from korea. She has shown me receipt and shipping information. :)
For more information
pls view this website
G&G lenses website

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no 1- dreamy black(gives the most barbie dolls effect- darker series as got 2 rings- dreamy watery effect) (ifax series) most stars use this series but depending on ur own eyes
no 2- black( single black ring) - Ifax series black ring 1 tone - big eye effect+ more natural looking
no 3- black( got big eye effect but the tone of black is not so much)
no 4- black when not under light.. but once under light, can see that it is blue in colour. if not it will appear as black
no 5- grey(2 tone- enlarge pupil)
no 12-dreamy grey( gives barbie doll effect)
no 6-dreamy brown( gives barbie doll effect but big eye effect lesser - can see quite obviously that is copper brown in colour)
no 9( enlarge pupil)
no 11- tube range brown( most natural + most popular!! )
no 13- Ifax series
no 14- grey( 3 tone colour)
no 15( cat eye brown -gives a cat eye look- 3 tone)
no 18-violet (dreamy)
no 23 to 28( only have lenses that have no degrees eg: 0.00! )

For the look you want to go into-->
Dreamy, watery look: no 1, 4 , 12, 18
Natural look : 10, 11, 16, 17, 18
Two tones(colours not as obvious as 3 tones): 5, 6 , 7, 8 ,9
three tones: no 14, 15 ( pls note price wise will be $42 instead of $39 for 3 tones)

Going by Series
1)I-Fax - helps provide the clearest, most comfortable vision( no 1, no 2, no 12, no 13)
2) cosmetic 2 colour range - ( no 5 , 6 , 7 ,9)- tend to make ur eyes much brighter . kind of reflect light
3) tube range- ( no 11, 15, 13, 18, 17, 10) more natural looking range

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Shopping diva personal Advice
personally i feel if ur eyes not big enough, pls don't take black because with small eyes big pupil, you will definitely look like sadako. tt is wad happened to me. But i chose brown and was very satisfied with it. :) choose a lighter colour that will not emphasize your pupil so much! for me, i took no 11 and i love it!:P

Some common questions
Q: Can we use normal cleansing solution like complete to wash, soak?
A: yes. please remember to add on protein tablets to use twice a mth for extra cleansing. Please remember that these are 1 year lenses and you will want them as clean as possible! :)

Q: when will lenses arrive? do you do meetups for lenses?
A: it will arrive around 2 weeks after preorder closes. Do make sure you can wait for 2 weeks before u place orders with us. sorry girls! we do not do meetups due to hectic schedule.

Q: do you provide astig lenses? can we order diff degrees for both sides?
A: no, currently we do not have astig lenses but yes, you can order diff degrees for both sides.

Q: what is ur cleansing regime like?
A: i use h202 solution to soak for 6 hours after which i use saline to cleanse again twice before wearing. every 2 weeks i use protein tablets. :)

Q: are the pictures provided above all referring to same lenses?
A: yes, all numbering throughout the pictures are the same.

Q: can i wear if i have no degree?
A: yes! just choose 0.00 as ur degree

Q: can we exchange lenses after arrival if i dun like the col/ i broke the lenses??
A: if the lenses are opened and lenses is broken.. we cannot exchange as the lenses bottle are open. For colour wise, we do not do any exchanges even if ur lenses bottle is not open.

To order, simply email
Contact number:
Code( pls take from third pic- the pic of all the lenses with numbering):
Degree: LHS: RHS:
Price 39X no of pairs + 1.2X no of pairs( mailing price + shipping price) =

Have fun shopping!!

(side note: no pictures are to be copied indirectly or directly without shopping-diva's permission. All pictures are copyrighted. All pictures are copyrights of shopping-diva. Please do not copy any FAQS or pictures of shopping-diva without any permission. Thanks! :) )

Disclaimer : as GG lenses are sold widely in korea( many singaporeans and japanese are using it! ) and it is a certified brand with many brand awards, we will not hold responsibility for anything that happens to you or your eyes. You on your part have to take care in protecting your eyes and have a strong regime in cleansing your lenses. If you feel discomfort, pls do not wear it anymore and let your eyes rest. Pls note no refunds will be done if lenses are not suitable for ur eyes or in any kind of situation. Exchanges will be accepted only if it comes in the bottle unsealed. Once seal is removed, the lenses cannot be refunded or exchanged. On our part, we will ensure that lenses are 100% authenic and freshly imported from korea. The lenses will be 100% capped airtight and 100% safe for usage.
<3 4:07 PM;

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